10 Things You Can Do Between Side Hustles

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It’s that time of year, when everyone could use a little bit of extra income. Especially work-at-home moms who are hustling to make an income on the side. I know that some of my extra income from side hustles was eaten up this month – now I am trying to make a little more so I can finish this first quarter strong.

Not all of these will work for everyone, however, there are usually a few things that apply to someone. Remember to be creative when it comes to adding something to your plate – it is very easy to talk yourself out of it, which will keep you in the place that you are at. I recently wrote about taking more time for self-care, however, that doesn’t mean giving yourself permission to just slack off and hide under a blanket when you don’t feel like hustling. It’s easy to use the guise of self-care to laze around, not work or even try get yourself out of your comfort zone.

Call me guilty of that!

Face it, we’ve all done it. But if you are ready and able, and life has bills that need paying, there are things you can do to earn $100 today.

What can you do to hustle yourself some income between side hustles?

  1. Transcribe – Even if you aren’t a writer, you can transcribe and make some extra money if you have extra hours. A friend of mine uses Rev.com and you can easily get signed up and working within a few days if you are open to it.
  2. Sell Stuff – Many people have been selling stuff on Craigslist for years, but now with Buy & Sell groups on Facebook, and their marketplace, it’s easier than ever to list things for small amounts that you might otherwise throw away or donate. All of us have at least a few hundred dollars worth of unused or barely used kitchen products, clothes, accessories or hardware that we can sell. It just takes time and a little energy to do it.
  3. Offer a One-Time Service – Put your name out to do a one-time service like email cleanup, garage-sorting or garbage removal. Often people need these things or will pass your name along to someone that does need it.
  4. Teach a Skill – Can you get a group of friends, family or associates together to teach them a skill? Maybe teach elderly people how to use an iPad or teaching friends how-to do makeup. Whatever your specialized skill-set may be, generally there are people out there that need it.
  5. Stop Spending – Truthfully, most of us can cut our spending down by 25% when we really need to. If you are between side hustles, simply stop eating out, cut down your entertainment and put yourself on a spending hiatus. I did a 6-month Shopping Detox and it really taught me a lot about extraneous spending. I will never go back to my old spending habits now actually – which has afforded me more freedom in freelancing.
  6. Pitch Yourself – This is something that most of us hate doing. However I have learned that the most successful side hustlers, whether they are in Direct Sales or simply selling their services, are masters at pitching. Following up with people as many as 6-10 times! So unless you receive a hard “No Never Contact Me Again”, then you should probably be pitching.
  7. Shopping for Others – This may seem like it is something that is hard to market, but honestly, there are always elderly people that need shoppers to help them with a few things, or busy moms or businesses that need errand runners. You could post it on Facebook or head to an Assisted Living Facility and tell them what you can do for their residents.
  8. Dog Sit/House-sit – Again, something that a lot of people need it when they need it. So many times, we have been stuck looking for a pet-sitter for the weekend or when we plan to head away. Make it known that you are available to help others, and you might have an extra $100 in your pocket.
  9. Cleaning – I personally love sorting/cleaning and organizing, and have helped businesses, and friends with their needs. There is no shame in cleaning honestly, as we all let things slide from time to time and sometimes a fresh set of eyes and hands can help.
  10. Surveys – There are plenty of companies that offer online surveys and pay accordingly. Even though it’s something I haven’t done personally, I have many online friends that do this regularly.

So if you are feeling the pinch, and your Direct Sales business is in slow season, you still can make money – you don’t have to quite quit everything and go find yourself a job. Remember that the slow times will pass and you can find additional ways to get over the hump of making less income. Be creative, don’t be too proud, and market yourself and your services.

You can do it!

What to do Between Side Hustles, making income, freelance income, mompreneurs making extra cash, how to make money between jobs

What to do Between Side Hustles, making income, freelance income, mompreneurs making extra cash, how to make money between jobs

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