Scarlett Ballantyne

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Hi there!

I’m Scarlett and I have been working side hustles for over 9 years.  I have a unique professional history including being an experienced Interior Designer, Makeup Artist, Direct Sales Leader, and Business Owner. After a successful corporate career, a freelance makeup business and running a direct sales business for over 6 years, I have turned my knowledge from a variety of disciplines into this blog. I know there are many moms out there like me, who put their family first, but still want to earn a part-time income for those extras.

I want to inspire you with my experiences that I have learned along the way. As a part-time freelance writer, I have a number of published articles under my belt – including my dream of being published on Scary Mommy – one viral post, an outstanding blog nomination and a real passion for writing.

In this Blog you will find:

  • straight-talk Mompreneur Advice –  which I have learned mostly the hard way – through my past retail boutique and then a successful direct sales business
  • makeup musings, recommends and trend information, especially for Moms on-the-run, and realistic for women like me – 40+ but still want to look the best we are at the age we are
  • some other categories such as What I Wish I Knew, Confessionals, Short Stories, Pretty Things and Product Reviews.
  • my musings as a Mom of Teenagers, and all of the fun angst and learnings that come along with it!

Sometimes I over-share, but I tell it like it is and I am dedicated to providing you with kick-ass content. My experiences, musings, stumbles and successes are all wrapped up within this blog.

klutch photography, tips for surviving a family photo shoot, dina stoddard, scarlett ballantyne

I currently live in beautiful White Rock, BC, but was raised in the Prairies. I’ve been with my husband for 2+ decades and am an active dance-mom, fashion-lover, reality-TV-watcher, kid-chauffeur, part-time chef and chihuahua-lover.

I post varied content at least once a week. If I share a sponsored post or giveaway, it is because I genuinely love that product and it fits in with my values and mission.

I love that you have found me and have read all the way to the end. <3

If you want to reach me, the quickest way is via email,

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