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Are you a Blogger, Small Business Mama or Direct Seller that needs more images to promote your business?

In 2017, grainy, dark or poorly composed photos just won’t do. If you don’t have time to strategize and take photos every week, then these pretty and high-quality stock photos which will convert your readers into buyers.

Build your brand with these Lifestyle, Still Life, Foliage, Landscape, Beauty and Flatlay quality images.

Stock photos, Free Stock Photos, Scarlett Ballantyne, Blogger Stock Photos, Beauty Stock Photos

Instantly download 110+ photos and use them to promote your blog posts or business or use them on social media.





I know what it is like!

In 2014 as a newer blogger, I used a celebrity photo that I found online to promote a blog post. A few months later I received a cease and desist notice from a large photo image company in Seattle with screen shots of my blog post, demanding $600+ US dollars! I contacted a local lawyer and then verified that this company was legitimate and I had, in fact, infringed on their copyright.

Other bloggers have also had this happen to them. You can read these horror stories, HERE and HERE.

The fact of the matter is, in 2017, googling images and posting them to your site, or social media platforms is dangerous – everyone wants to get paid!

My stock photos have been shot with YOU in mind. It has taken me years to build up my photo collection, and now I am happy to share some of them with you to use.

Stock Photos are divided into 3 main categories:

Signs & Still Life – BUY 40 Photos for $39 US

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Beauty & Flatlay (white backgrounds) – BUY 20 Photos for $33 US

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Foliage & Landscape – BUY 50+ Photos for $43 US

stock photos for sale

Buy them now in individual categories.

Or BUY ALL 110+ photos for $99 US

Who can use these photos?

  • Bloggers needing photos for blog posts
  • Direct Sellers needing photos for social media, business websites, personal pages
  • Small Businesses needing photos for promotional material
  • Businesses doing online ads or newspaper ads
  • Graphic designers needing images
  • Writers that need images for articles

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Here are some examples of how these images could be used for Social Media, Pinterest or Blogs.
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What if you don’t want 110+ photos? Download smaller packages for a low cost of under $2 per photo.



Stock photos, Free Stock Photos, Scarlett Ballantyne, Blogger Stock Photos, Beauty Stock PhotosThese are the FREE photos you get when you Subscribe to my monthly newsletter.


Usage Agreement: 

With this transaction Buyer acknowledges that the purchase comes with a non-exclusive limited use license so that the Purchaser may use the image for personal or professional use in the normal course of Purchaser’s business. Purchaser may crop the image and overlay the image with text or pdfs of product designs. Scarlett Ballantyne remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright in the image and the Purchaser may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image or a derivative thereof or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way. The Purchaser may NOT use this purchase to promote webinars, how-to do photography blog posts, stock photography sites, pornography, or anything illegal.