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How Not to be a Jerk as a Makeup Client

Makeup counter etiquete, makeup client etiquette

It is the season of weddings and celebrations, and I would guess it’s probably the biggest month of the year for women to get their makeup and hair done. More often than not, people are doing it with their chosen makeup artist for the first time; as part of a wedding party, maybe on a trip in a different city, or even as a quickie drop-in at a local makeup counter. While getting your makeup done can be a fun treat, it can also turn out to be a crappy experience! I’ve had plenty of ladies over the years tell me that they had the makeup done by so-and-so and ‘It looked awful!’. I’ve probably had just as many of my past clients tell someone else that same thing about me! Makeup application and what an artist chooses to do can be subjective. When you are hiring a makeup artist, here are a few tips and things to think about before heading to the appointment.

Sam Chua, rachel Sargeant, makeup etiquette

A very natural makeup look – Model Rachel Sargeant, Photo by Sam Chua

You are going to look different!

This is a given! Your makeup will look different applied by someone else than you do it everyday. No doubt about it. There most likely will be more makeup applied than you usually wear, especially if you are someone that normally does a simple, 10-minute routine. If you want to look the same as you always do, I would suggest that you save your money, and do your makeup yourself, by applying it with a heavier hand. Just add a little more mascara, eye liner and lipstick. It will save both you and your artist the aggravation!

Use Your Words….

This is what I used to say to my kids when they would get frustrated and mad…..Use Your Words. Meaning, speak up and say what you really want. Bring photos! Pinterest is free, and there are hundreds of thousands of inspirational photos. Type in ‘wedding makeup’, and you can have a board of makeup-pins to show your artist within 30 minutes! Most makeup artists are visual people, so this can help facilitate communication between you. As well, keep your communication going during the appointment. Be specific during the process about colours of shadows, intensity of colour and using phrases like ‘a smoky eye’. That phrase can mean something different to you than it does to your makeup artist…so make sure to be vocal during the application, and then everyone will be happier in the end.

Jim Davie, makeup client etiquette

Photo by Jim Davie

Lipstick can be the Icing!

You may be panicking that your eye makeup is too heavy or that your blush seems intense, but lipstick can be the icing on the cake. Usually it’s the finishing touch that pulls the entire look together. Be open to wearing something a bit different than you usually do. Generally the lipstick colour can be something that will complete the look and balance the rest of the face.

makeup client, makeup client etiquette

A true smoky eye – lots of shadow but she pulled it off. Photo by Alanna Nicole.

Don’t talk on the phone!

Unless you are Beyonce, I would suggest, NOT talking on the phone during your appointment. Especially if this is your first time working with your makeup artist. It makes our job a lot harder, and makes you look like a jerk. Sorry, but it’s true! If a phone call comes in and you have to take it, go ahead. But don’t expect us to work on you  and do our best work during your hour long phone call.

Makeup client etiquette, makeup

Photo by Cathy Empey

Trust the process…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few bad experiences with stylists in my life, but they are the artist, and I trust the process. Sometimes a makeup look that seems shocking at first, can really look pretty great once you get used to it. It’s like when you feel so fat in an outfit, and then later, look at pictures of yourself from that day, and you realize that you looked pretty damn good! Honestly, you probably look pretty great! Your makeup artist sees you differently than you see yourself, so if you can trust the process, you will be happy once you get used to it.

It isn’t always easy being a makeup artist, because there is a certain amount of  investigating and psychic powers that are part of the act of working with people! If you are the client, and can be as clear as possible, and sincere with your desires and concerns up front, the whole process and result will be better. And fun!

This is an old Model Portfolio Photo of me from about 5 years ago. I had my makeup done for the shoot and remember thinking, “It’s too much!”.

Now I look at this photo and I just think,  “Wow, I looked so fly!”

*All Hair and Makeup pictured, except for my own photo, is by me. 

Two months later…..A special Mother’s Day shoot

I have been as busy as stink I have been so lazy about posting….so today is my catch-up day…..so note some new blog posts from me!

I have been struggling with the work-life balance these days and as a result, I have really been trying to streamline my life and my businesses! I am only doing exceptionally creative makeup and hair jobs, OR weddings via referral, OR Grads (just because I love’em!) OR Boudoir of course. You can’t do it all, and I am also trying to be better at being a mother, friend and wife too!

My two most important reasons for working all of these flexible gigs are my two girls! My galpal Audra from Audra’s Photography took some really cute photos for us a few weeks ago. Audra is a delight and still has some space for Wedding photography in 2011.

Aren’t these great?!