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Authentic is the new Black….

Everyone is talking about being Authentic these days – it’s the new buzzword…the new “selfie“. To be authentic is to be genuine, yet imperfect and therefore maybe a better person. We work at showing our best highlight reel of ourselves on social media – and we also take perfectly timed photos of our ‘authentic selves’….behind the scenes or makeup free.

Yet, it is somehow perfectly curated.

I am doing it as well so this isn’t a criticism. Just an observation.

Why is Authentic the new Black?

danielle laporte, truthbombs, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingWhen I wake up the morning, one of the first things that I do is check my social media accounts. It’s my news, my coffee with friends, it’s my way of saying hello to the universe and almost like reading the paper (used to be). Finding out what is going on in this great world of ours. But now we can contribute too which is much more fun and interactive. Sometimes it feels like our friends and connections are shouting at us: “Buy this product!”, “Look at my fun weekend!“, “See how perfect my life is!“….

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Take the damn picture so everyone can see how much fun I am having!

A friend of mine told me that she felt overwhelmed looking at everyone else’s vacation photos on Facebook. She felt pressure to post her own when she was feeling a little less than her best….so she just shut off Facebook!


Just shut it off! What a strange concept.

Just no longer look at everyone else at the lake having fun, or showing their amazing bodies in a bikini while I sit on the couch watching Extreme Weightloss eating Oreos in my undies?


Nope. They are sitting in their undies watching TV too. Posting their best photos that they just edited with VSCO or INSTAbeauty (two great apps, BTW…)

Even though I waste so much time on some of these damn platforms…. I love it too! I get to see friends and cousins and people that it would be weird if I just sent them a text saying “Hey! Send me a picture of what your kids look like now!”

You have to take the good with the bad.

Just remember that being Authentic and showing the messy sometimes IS the actual life you are living. And so is everyone else. You are just seeing the movie trailer of their lives – the highlight reel. They have the messy too.

AUTHENTIC is the new Black baby!

Sometimes I find myself procrastinating on some of these many projects I have created for myself. I get overwhelmed and then hang around social media and flip around like men used to channel surf (mine doesn’t really any more – that weird TV-guide-thing seemed to eliminate the channel surf!…Thank God!). But we are our own Masters of our own Destiny.

The only person that truly knows if you are being completely Authentic is yourself.

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And here is where I insert a shameless plug of my authentic (now I am being serious…she has authentic cornered!!) friend and wonderful Life Coach, Diane Taylor, who recently launched You Glow Girl.

Check her out. She has helped me to realize that my authentic self is my best self!

Isabella in 2010 or 11? Me practicing my photography skills...

Selfies and head shots – How to take a good one!

A week ago, it was all over the media that the word, ‘Selfie’ was chosen by Oxford Dictionary as the 2013 word of the year. By Oxford’s definition, a Selfie is a “photo one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Why would I post on how to take a good selfie? Well considering that it is the word of the year, I think that it is something that is here to stay. You may have seen on the news last week that President Obama and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt were caught taking a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. In poor taste? Yes. However, it speaks to the power of social media and everyone getting in on self-promotion!

The  Power Selfie!

Power Selfie!

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