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How to OWN it like a Bad-Ass in 2015

Own it like a bad-assI am scared to make changes a lot of the time, just like everyone else. And I need money just like most people….yet there have been a few times in my life when I forged forward without a hint of income or not really knowing where it would come from.

And you know what? It all turned out alright…

Because I was totally confident once I made that decision to go forward. Even if I had a twinkling of self-doubt, I trucked ahead reminding myself of my confidence and believing in my ideas for the future.

My intuition has never failed me. And I own it.

And do you know how I am going to OWN it in 2015? Getting rid of the weird shit in my life.

Weird people, weird situations or things that just make me go hmmmm…..?

Generally those things provoke other weirdness to happen. If it feels strange and askew, and you are giving it power by even engaging in it, then it will become a reflection on you. Keep yourself in check and you can keep out the crazy.

And that is how you can OWN it like a Bad-Ass in 2015.

Keep the crazy at bay, and enforce that with your personal boundaries, intentions and actions.

Keep yourself in check and surround yourself with people, things and ideas that enforce your desired path. Minimize the crazy and maximize the positive and abundance will follow.

I promise you!

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Two months later…..A special Mother’s Day shoot

I have been as busy as stink I have been so lazy about posting….so today is my catch-up day…..so note some new blog posts from me!

I have been struggling with the work-life balance these days and as a result, I have really been trying to streamline my life and my businesses! I am only doing exceptionally creative makeup and hair jobs, OR weddings via referral, OR Grads (just because I love’em!) OR Boudoir of course. You can’t do it all, and I am also trying to be better at being a mother, friend and wife too!

My two most important reasons for working all of these flexible gigs are my two girls! My galpal Audra from Audra’s Photography took some really cute photos for us a few weeks ago. Audra is a delight and still has some space for Wedding photography in 2011.

Aren’t these great?!