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Friday Finds! 5 of the cutest things you ever did see!

bethany mota outfits, bethany mota dwts,

Bethany Mota video screen shot….scroll down to see me in this outfit 20 years ago!

Cute is the WORD! And speaking of cute…. if you have been reading my blog, you know that I love me some Dancing with the Stars and specifically, Mr. Derek Hough. So talented is that young man….and since I am a dance mom who has watched hours and hours of dance over the past 10 years, I can appreciate his clever choreography and musical abilities. I think what makes watching dance so exciting is the ability that a choreographer has to take you on a journey and surprise you in the process. The subtle moves to the nuances in the music is hard to choreo, and I think that is what has contributed to his success.

My favourite choreography of all time – Derek and Nicole – the 50’s Paso Doble. Love the costumes and clever movement. It all came together in this dance…

For this upcoming DWTS season Derek has been paired with the super-cute-beauty Bethany Mota, YouTUBE Star. My girls love, and I mean LOVE Bethany, and have been watching her channel For-ever! This girl is 18 years old and has over 7 MILLION Youtube subscribers! I also have sort of kept up with her videos (I thought I might learn something?!), which are super cute, and very well edited, although the content is nothing too exciting (for me anyway!). When we went shopping recently for some Back to School stuff, my younger daughter was determined to find a school lunch container that Bethany mentioned, and all three girls (my cousin’s daughter too) couldn’t wait to get to Aeropostale to shop Bethany’s new BTS Collection. Isabella even wanted her new bedroom decorated in Bethany-Mota-style (I didn’t realize this kid had a room decor product line too!). I found it sooooooo interesting how influenced my kids were by her and her channel – which makes it is sort of obvious why DWTS brought her on as a ‘celebrity’ for the season…..they are looking to engage a younger viewing audience.

OK so on that note, in the vain of CUTE,  here are my 5 Cute Friday Finds that I know you are dying to know!

1. Rubber Maid Lunch Blox – pretty self-explanatory! However my daughter saw Bethany Mota promoting it and wanted it (this is her vid back from 2012). We went to Target and they still had it….

rubbermaid LunchBlox, bethany mota, back to school


2. Keep CollectiveStella & Dot‘s sister company, Keep Collective,  has just launched in the USA! Even though I am fully stocked with all kinds of jewelry, I couldn’t help myself – I had to buy some pieces for myself and then to give as gifts for some of my team members. The charms slide on both the leather bracelets and dog tags and you can swap them out and mix them up for different looks. I am in LOVE! My friend and fellow dance mom Denise, is a Keep designer….feel free to contact her if you are interested in purchasing some great leather bracelets and charms.

Keep collective, stellar & Dot family brand, scarlett stylist, scarlett director

Some of my new Keep Collective pieces – I LOVE them!!


3. Grace and Lace – Of course I have posted about Grace & Lace a number of times, but this new Lace Cardi for Fall is super cute! They have introduced 2 new colors {chosen by fans} of the now famous Flip Cardi (you can wear it backwards and forwards). The new colours are Spice and Olive (and the original Grey). Perfect tones for this fall – and loving it over a long sleeve shirt too.

Grace & Lace, lace Cardigan for fall

grace and Lace, flip cardigan, Fall 2014 grace and Lace, scarlett Grace and Lace4. Bethany Mota for Aeropostale –  Okay, so I admit it….I am loving this Youtuber’s collection! It really is very cute and there are a number of things that can be worn mom and daughter too (honestly!).  Some of my favouritea include this very on-trend Cardigan, Floral Long-sleeve Romper (not too revealing) and an Owl Scarf. These are all things that both Isabella AND I would wear (no, this is not designed for the 35+ age group, but the price point is right and if you can rock it, why not?!)

bethany mota, aeropostale, cute clothes, DWTS Screenshot 2014-09-11 14.25.23 Screenshot 2014-09-11 14.24.50

5. Fluevog Unite Moon Booties – It’s that time again, it’s Fall  shopping and back to school and time to soon break out the cool clothes! I have been needing a pair of new booties and these ones are right up my alley.  and one things about fluevogs is that they are made to last forever. The Unite Moon is a boot built on a unique, U-shaped, 3.5″ heel of Fluevogian past with uppers designed from a new, innovative combination of Italian and Portuguese leathers. These two elements of design merge into a timeless, elegant boot that will turn the tides on any outfit for the better!

fluevog booties, unite moon, cute booties, jodhpur boots

So many cute Friday Finds….I am loving my Keep pieces layered with my SD looks too!

scarlett director, stella & Dot layered with keep collective

And I am stoked to watch DWTS with my girls coming up  this Monday September 16th! Who knows if this Bethany Mota girl can really even dance. I was actually cracking up as I started writing and watched one go Bethany’s newest Youtube videos (see below) this morning and took a screen shot her cutie dress with Doc Martin boots – I was wearing the same outfit in NYC, circa 1994! Haha!

1194 back in style, throwback 1994, doc martins, bethany moat collection

Left: Me 1994 sitting on the steps of the NY Public Library. Right: Screen shot of Bethany Mota’s latest Youtube Video.


And Derek, *sigh*. I read an interview with him recently where he mentioned that he sees colours when he first hears music – which is Synesthesia! – and I have it too (Blogged about it HERE!)….maybe we are kindred spirits?! #Im15yearsolderbutIcandream

derek hough , bethany mota, scalrett musings,

Happy Friday friends!

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Happy Friday and the Liebster Award…

Happy Friday! My friend Liz at Boogers are Yucky nominated me for a Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is an accolade passed around by bloggers with less than 500 followers. It’s a way to give bloggers an exposure boost! Liebster is a German term of endearment that translates as that means sweetheart, beloved, or darling. Liz and I are both learning about this blogging thing at the same time and I am always happy when she shares a new discovery or hangout with me. Since I have multiple big happenings going on right now in my life, I just have been working away a little bit each day on my businesses, moving the needle forward slightly each time. So I am super grateful when I know that someone else is reading my blog, and then also is helpful enough to share. liebster-award, boogers are yucky, pretty pinteresting, To accept the award, a blogger must:

  • Make a post about the award, thanking the blogger that nominated you.
  • State 11 interesting facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers with 500 or less followers 
  • Write 11 new questions for your nominees.

start, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingHere are my 11 things about me!

I was born in Regina Saskatchewan. My great grandmother died that same day.

wascana park, regina sask, scarlett musings, liebster award

My Mom and Dad divorced when I was 10 years old.

I participated in Miss Teen Canada at the age of 17.

miss teen canada 1988, throwback, miss teen calgary, dara sutton, scarlett ballantyne, pretty interesting, scarlett musings I could colour inside the lines at the age of 3 years old.

I experience Synesthesia – I see the days of the week, months and some numbers in colour.

synesthesia, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

I have 2 University Degrees from the University of Manitoba.

I cannot read a magazine or newspaper that has been cracked by someone. I always reach to the back of the magazine rack to grab a ‘fresh’ one.

I love to cook.

applesauce, greek yogurt and granola

Applesauce, greek yogurt and granola

I hate shaving my legs and only do it when absolutely necessary.

I always wanted to dance as a girl, but never had the opportunity. Now I am a dance-mom.

Peak-dance-surrey, scarlett musings, pretty interesting, liebster award

My favourite foods are mostly Italian!

Liz asked me the following questions to answer:

Are you a morning or night person? Definitely a morning person over night. When the sun goes down, usually so do I!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Probably flying. I love to dream about flying or riding a bike that then flies over the city like in the movie E.T.

Do you have any celebrity crushes? It used to be Brad Pitt until he got with Angelina (I am Team Jennifer!). Now perhaps it would be Derek Hough!

Are you a collector of anything? Dust? Lol!

Dogs or cats? It used to be cats but now it is dogs.

What is your guilty pleasure? Watching America’s Next Top Model.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I am still working on that, but hopefully my next boss is me!

Paper books or ebooks? I am okay with E-books.

Comedy club or dance club? Dance club all of the way!

How would your friends describe you? Probably as authentic.

Dream vacation? Roratonga, Fiji!

roratonga fijo, scarlett musings, liebster award, pretty pinteresting

My dream destination…

I nominate the following 11 bloggers, and I apologize if I underestimated the number of followers you have!

Glow Leadership



The Cupcake Garden

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Simply Sweet Photography

Carol Kerfoot Photography


My Journey to Bliss

My Questions for YOU to answer:

What is your favourite Colour?

What is the longest line you have ever stood in?

Stupidest question that people ask you?

Oreos or Ice cream?

The best vacation you have ever taken?

Hotel or camping?

Your ideal day is?

If you had your last meal, what would it be?

Blogging or video blog?

What is the one secret you never wanted to tell anyone?

The best business advice you were ever given?

Have fun everyone!!!

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Synesthesia? Who knew?!

RE-BLOG WITH UPDATE 2014:  I had been thinking about Synesthesia recently….someone had mentioned it and it had just become top of mind in my conscious thoughts. Then oddly,  when I was watching Pharrell on the Oprah Network,  he said that he experiences Synesthesia, but with music! I had never really heard many people talk about it before….I feel like perhaps I am part of an elite group or something! I actually Tweeted Pharrell about this during the broadcast and he started following me! Wow, now I really feel special! Sincerely! I am just a simple-gal from White Rock but with creativity in my heart…and since I am working hard at blogging and growing my brand, this means a lot to me!

ORIGINAL POST: In 2006 while I was still working at Benjamin Moore, I took a Colour Training seminar put on by the Natural Color Institute from Stockholm, Sweden. We learned about a Natural Color System which builds on how the human sees color. Color is a subjective visual sensation and to characterize it, you have to describe what you see. You cannot just identify it with pigments, or wavelengths of light. When you think about it like that, it is much more complex than just what we see and what we like!

colour, how you see colours

Source: Pinterest

Another part of the course, was arranging little tiny chips of colour in an arrangement of lightness and darkness, or according to hue and many other criteria. This sounds a lot easier than it is when you have a gazillion little chips in front of you and they are just slightly different from one another. However, it quickly becomes apparant when you are doing the exercises, how you see colour and how you are trained to see it.  So it certainly gave me an appreciation for the people that cannot make colour decisions when it comes to picking colours from the enormous wall of paint chips at their local paint store.

NCS course worksheet, scarlett benjamin moore, elementary colour attributes

NCS copyright 2006

During casual conversation at this course, we learned about SYNESTHESIA.  Funny enough, I learned that I am afflicted with it (but it is not a negative thing)! As the definition states, this is “a condition in which one type of sensory stimulation creates perception in another sense.” In layman’s terms, this is when you may picture something like numbers in colour, or in my case, the days of the week and months of the year in colour. I thought that everyone must picture things that way, but in our group of approximately 15 people, only two of us had it. synesthesia, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingSo for instance, if you ask me any day of the week, I ‘see’ that day in colour. Tuesday: yellow. Thursday: maroon. Sunday: navy blue. And so on! I guess I never really thought about it, but it didn’t ever occur to me that not everyone saw things this way. I cannot say whether or not it has really helped me in my colour career, but it sure makes for an interesting conversation topic! pretty pinteresting, synesthesia, scarlett synesthesia, pinteresting options Do you see the days of the week in colour? days of the week in colours, synesthesia, experience synesthesia, pretty interesting Colour Outside the lines, synesthesia, scarlett synesthesia, pretty pinteresting